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5 Ways to Improve Your Current Packaging Operations

Even though packaging operations are a crucial operational need for many businesses, they are often an afterthought for many companies. At Sun Packaging, we get a close look at packaging equipment and processes at companies in Florida and elsewhere. Our experienced technicians who assist companies with technical support, repair and maintenance are always watching for packaging issues. All too often, we find situations where packaging systems could be improved to become more efficient, cost-effective, and trouble-free.

When that happens, Sun Packaging is always happy to recommend changes that remove bottlenecks, improve packaging processes, and keep your packaging line operating smoothly and economically. From time to time, though, every company where packaging is an important part of operations should review their packaging process and equipment, with an eye toward efficiency and productivity. Where improvements are needed, the right changes can cut costs and improve profitability. Here’s what to look for in a packaging operation review:

1. Obsolete or Inadequate Packaging Equipment – Packaging equipment design and manufacturing is constantly improving. Balky older equipment or machinery that can’t keep up with increased demands can create bottlenecks, require more frequent repairs, and cause delays.

2. Inefficient Packaging Operations – If the flow of your packaging operation isn’t designed for efficiency, any step in the process can introduce slow-downs and interfere with productivity. Using additional manpower to solve such problems is only a stopgap response.

3. Production Changes that Overwhelm Packaging Operations – When sales increase or you introduce new products, your current packaging line may not be able to cope with the increased demand. That can lead to shipping delays, increased employee stress, and customer service issues.

4. Over-Reliance on Manual Operations – Manpower in packaging operations is a major cost center. Automating operations with today’s packaging equipment often allows reduction in the number of employees needed for packaging.

5. Unnecessary Waste and Scrap – Equipment and processes that aren’t designed to handle your exact packaging needs often create packaging material waste. With costs for materials rising, eliminating scrap and waste should be a high priority.

Sun Packaging’s Application Engineering Expertise Is the Solution

If your operational review reveals inefficiencies, bottlenecks or lower productivity, contact Sun Packaging, Inc. for a consultation. Our experienced packaging application engineers will be happy to work with you to find solutions. We’ll make recommendations for equipment, packaging materials, packaging flow, and automation that will meet your current needs and prepare for anticipated growth. Let us help you turn your packaging system into a smoothly running, cost-effective operation that provides the high ROI you demand in all of your operations.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Current Packaging Operations

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