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Every day, millions of cartons get filled, sealed, and shipped by companies large and small. Each of those cartons needs to get to its destination intact, so proper sealing is a crucial factor. For high-volume packaging needs, high quality pressure sensitive tape, applied by automatic taping equipment, gets the job done quickly, economically, and efficiently. However, pressure sensitive tape can be susceptible to peeling from corrugated boxes, and doesn't provide maximum security against pilferage losses. It's the right choice for some shipping situations, but not for all.

When security, stability, and strength in carton sealing are important, water-activated paper tape, plain or reinforced with fiberglass strands, is the answer, especially for manual packaging. At Sun Packaging, we recommend this carton sealing method to many of our customers, and supply both high quality plain and reinforced paper tape products from 3M and Better Packages, Inc. We also offer a wide range of highly affordable water-activated tape dispensers, both manual and electric. Ink-jet tape printing can be included in the dispenser, as well. If your carton sealing needs include any of the following requirements, we have top-quality water-activated tape solutions to solve your toughest packaging issues:

  • Package Security – Unlike pressure-sensitive tape, the water-activated adhesive of paper tape forms a tough, permanent bond with the carton. It can't peel off without detection, providing a secure seal against pilferage and peeling during shipment. Neither reinforced tape nor plain tape can be removed without shredding. Tampering with the package is immediately evident.

  • Cost-Effective Sealing – Water-activated paper tape is easy to apply, and one strip seals your cartons securely, tightly, and conveniently. Dispensers, either manual or electric, can be set to deliver exactly the length of tape needed, and fast, simple manual application reduces waste and saves time.

  • Simple Manual Application – Carton sealing workers take a pre-moistened tape strip of exactly the right length from the dispenser and apply it to the package in a single motion. The simplicity reduces repetitive motion injuries and prevents over-taping and taping errors. It makes manual carton-sealing fast and efficient.

  • Trouble-Free Carton Sealing – In any packaging environment, dust and temperature extremes don't interfere with proper carton sealing, as often happens with pressure-sensitive tapes. You get a great seal every time.

  • Multiple Sealing Options – Paper tape is available in white and kraft colors to match your cartons. Tapes reinforced with fiberglass strands add additional strength when needed. With an inkjet tape dispenser like the BP500 Ink Jet System dispenser from Better Packages, Inc., you can even print informational or advertising text on every tape strip. Pre-printed tapes are also available.

  • Easy-Opening Great-Looking Cartons – Un-reinforced water-activated tape makes packages easy to open, without knives, on delivery. Reinforced tape, applied as a singe strip, allows fast, efficient opening after delivery, with a minimum of effort. Customers recognize and appreciate the clean, smooth appearance, security, and simplicity of paper-tape sealed packages.

Paper Tape Carton Sealing Solutions for Your

Packaging Line

At Sun Packaging, finding the ideal carton sealing solutions for our customers is a high priority. For your manual carton sealing needs, efficient, secure and versatile water-activated reinforced or plain paper tape and very affordable tape dispensers can be an ideal solution for your packaging needs. Faster to apply and secure against pilfering and peeling, there's a paper tape and dispenser that's perfect for your needs. Call us today and let us help you discover the ideal dispenser and high-quality tapes for your exact needs and budget.

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