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Lantech Introduces Pallet Wrapping Machine for Low-Volume Shippers

Businesses that ship up to a dozen or so pallets a day have typically used manual stretch wrapping techniques to prepare pallets for shipping. The results are spotty and can lead to shifting loads and losses during shipping. Lantech’s introduction of their new, highly affordable G-Series of semi-automatic stretch packaging machine puts a welcome end to this problem, and at a price that makes manual wrapping obsolete. At Sun Packaging, we’re proud to offer this exciting new stretch wrapping equipment to our customers.

G-Series - Low Price and Advanced Features

With a price in the mid four figures, the Lantech G-Series stretch wrapper is based on Lantech’s turntable-style wrapping technology, and lets a single employee handle the entire stretch packaging process easily, safely, and with a far tighter and more uniform wrap than is possible with manual techniques. Using a combination of semi-automatic stretch wrapping and modes that allow manual manipulation for banding and roping, the result is secure pallet loads that reduce shipping losses and assure safe deliveries. Even at its economical price, the G-Series offers a long list of features:

  • G-Force Film Delivery System – Operates in both semi-auto and operator controlled modes to deliver high-strength, pre-stretched film with variable tension control. The result is tighter, stronger wrapping.
  • 65” Turntable Diameter – Standard pallets fit entirely on the turntable for safety. Pallets can be loaded by forklift or pallet jack with the optional ramp. The G-Series takes even less floor space than manual wrapping.
  • Designed for Safe, Fast Operation – 20” clearance between turntable and mast, along with same-side controls and film delivery keep operators safe and efficient. You get better wrapping with less employee fatigue and injuries.
  • Simple Operator Controls – In semi-auto mode, wrapping is automatic and consistent. Manual modes allow precise control for banding and roping, or for applying labels and corner protection.
  • Portability – The Lantech G-Series stretch wrapper can be quickly moved with a standard forklift from front or rear, letting you stretch wrap pallets in multiple locations at your site.

Revolutionize Your Low-Volume Pallet Wrapping

At Sun Packaging, we know the issues low-volume shippers, who need to wrap just a few pallets per day, have struggled with. That’s why we’re excited about Lantech’s new low-priced semi-automatic G-Series stretch wrapping machines. Increase your workers’ productivity and safety, create tightly wrapped pallets, even with uneven loads, and get products to your customers without shipping losses, all for an affordable price you can’t pass up. Call Sun Packaging today for more information or for a demonstration of the Lantech G-Series at our Pompano Beach headquarters or at your site.

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