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Shrink packaging is widely used by businesses, both large and small. For everything from tires and tiles to children's toys, paper goods, food products, and a wide variety of other products, shrink film is the packaging of choice. It protects and displays products, conforms to irregular shapes, and is easy for consumers to remove. Sun Packaging can help you design an efficient, cost-effective shrink film packaging system that matches your needs with high quality shrink packaging equipment and supplies. Sun Packaging is your South Florida supplier of choice for high-quality shrink films from Cryovac.

Quality Shrink Film Means Big Savings

Low-quality shrink film may cost less initially, but can introduce quality control problems, from burn holes and dog-ears to crow's feet and uneven shrinking. Those problems can slow down production and reduce productivity. Sun Packaging is Florida's largest distributor of Cryovac shrink film from Sealed Air Corporation. With a wide variety of high quality Cryovac films available and always in stock, the experts at Sun Packaging will find the right film for your product and match it with the right equipment. The result is trouble-free, cost-effective shrink film packaging that keeps packaging costs low and productivity high. Cryovac shrink films we stock include:

Cryovac CT-301 – This high performance shrink film is based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This shrink film has no trouble standing up to the performance of other films with twice the thickness. With proven versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment, this powerful shrink film provides enhanced seal strength, increased durability and retail-ready optics and clarity.
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Cryovac CT-501 - This revolutionary shrink film is perfect for wrapping irregular shaped products, contouring to the package like no other film and making wrinkles and dog-ears magically disappear. In addition to being easy to use and softer shrinking, this breakthrough shrink film is versatile and forgiving across a wide range of equipment.
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Cryovac CT-700 – The Cryovac® CT-700 Series offers high-speed shrink films based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This amazing shrink film is the answer for highly automated systems when speed matters.
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Cryovac D-955 – This versatile, multi-purpose shrink film fills many packaging needs. Its high strength, high shrink energy, excellent conformation to irregular packages, and multiple gauges, makes it a versatile shrink packaging film.
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Cryovac LD-935
– A light weight shrink film with the toughness of heavier films, its superb optics and compatibility with a wide range of shrink packaging machinery, makes it a great choice.
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Cryovac D-940
– This soft, conforming, low-energy shrink film that won't distort flexible products is easy to use, with excellent optics and clarity. It's available in a range of sizes and gauges.
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Cryovac Xenith3
– A breakthrough soft, low-energy shrink film that delivers high performance without bending or crushing products, its revolutionary characteristics makes it a good choice for fragile objects. Download Product Brochure

Cryovac RD-45/RD-106
– Ideal for shrink packaging of refrigerated and other food products, including individually wrapped vegetables, its anti-fog properties keep those foods looking their best and display their freshness to consumers.
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Cryovac CorTuff
– As Cryovac's toughest shrink film, CorTuff stands up to abuse and rough handling better than any other.
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We also stock PVC shrink film and shrink sleeves…

Reynolon Shrink Films – PVC shrink films such as 5044 from Pactiv are available for specialized shrink packaging applications.
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Shrink Sleeves
– Clear and custom printed shrink bands, shrink sleeves, neck bands, belly bands, shrink sleeve labels and pre-forms can be designed and sized to match your precise needs.
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Top Quality Shrink Packaging Machinery to Meet any Need

At South Florida-based Sun Packaging, we have done careful research and have selected a broad range of top-quality shrink film packaging equipment to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Sourced from top-ranked companies like Shanklin, Conflex, Eastey, Clamco, Heat Seal, Pack-All, Damark, and others, we can provide shrink packaging solutions for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic packaging applications that range from 2-200 packages per minute. Our packaging experts can design a shrink packaging system that is a perfect match for your needs, and we'll always be there to provide the supplies and maintenance support you need. Some of the shrink packaging equipment we offer includes:

Entry Level Manual Equipment

Clamco 160B – Manual operation.
Produces from 2-5 packages per minute.
Ideal for small businesses with low production needs.
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Semi-Automatic Shrink Packaging Machinery

Damark MP Series
Clamco 120 Heat Seal HDS-215 Pack All 1319E  

Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Machinery

Shanklin A-Series
20-30 Packages per Minute
Conflex Fusion
40 Packages per Minute
Shanklin Triumph
Up to 60 Packages per Minute

Shanklin Shrink Tunnels

Shanklin T-7H
Single Chamber Tunnel
Up to 50 Packages per Minute
Shanklin T-71
Up to 100 Packages per Minute
Shanklin T-62/T-72
100+ Packages per Minute

Sun Packaging Technologies, Inc. – South Florida-Based Shrink Packaging Supplier

From Miami and Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton and West Palm Beach and throughout the Caribbean region and the Americas, smart businesses of all sizes choose Sun Packaging to supply their shrink packaging equipment and supplies. The reason is simple: We provide the expertise you need to create a shrink film packaging solution that exactly matches your requirements. We supply the top-quality shrink packaging machinery that gets the job done right, whatever your packaging volume. We also supply high quality shrink films from Cryovac that meet your products' requirements and keep your packaging operations running efficiently without the flaws common with low quality shrink film. Contact us today to discuss your shrink packaging needs and let us show you why we're South Florida's top shrink film packaging supplier.

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