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Stand Up Resealable Pouch Packaging - Ideal for Specialty Health Products

With the rapid growth of consumer demand for specialty health products, packaging for these products has to stand out to compete. At the point of sale, your products are in tough competition for the eyes and hands of consumers. If your packaging stands out and creates instant eye appeal, you'll get the jump on your competition. Stand up resealable pouches offer an ideal packaging solution for many types of specialty health-oriented products and provide unique benefits over other packaging types. Some of the advantages include:

  • Point of Sale Appeal – Clean, bright, sanitary packaging with the obvious advantage of being resealable demonstrates your concern for freshness and purity.
  • Effective Marketing Space – With large display faces, stand up pouches let your message and brand speak emphatically. Your marketing options are endless.
  • Extended Product Life – Multi-layer, protective laminated film pouches retain product freshness longer, reducing expired product waste.
  • Customized Packaging Options – Choose options to suit your products. Transparent windows, bright foils, multiple sizes, and more are available.

Stand Up Pouch Packaging for a Wide Range of Health Products

At Sun Packaging, we've helped our customers create unique packaging solutions using stand up resealable pouches for products in many categories. For the highly competitive specialty health product and nutriceutical industry, too, stand up pouch packaging is rapidly becoming the packaging option of choice. Consumer acceptance is high for this packaging type and retailers appreciate the attractive packaging and ease of display it provides. Easy carton packing and package durability are bonus advantages. Think of stand up pouches for products like:

  • Organic & Vegan Food Products – Grains, legumes, nuts and dried fruit products are ideal candidates for resealable stand up pouch packaging. Consumers can see the product's freshness. They use what they need, then reseal the pouch.
  • Healthy Snacks and Treats – From trail mixes and granola-style foods to specialty chips and other snacks, stand up packaging stands out. Display product freshness in a transparent window for maximum eye appeal.
  • Powdered & Granular Products – Protein powders, cereals, specialty flours, baking mixes, beverage mixes and similar products are ideal candidates for stand up pouch packaging, too. Consumers appreciate the resealable feature.
  • Whole Food Products – Ready-to-prepare organic soup mixes, organic seasonings and other mixtures in stand up resealable pounches offer consumers convenience, freshness, and the ability to use just part of the package and reseal.
  • Supplements, Vitamins & More – Using stand up pouches for these products gives you a unique marketing edge, in comparison with typical bottle packaging. The larger display face and unique appearance has terrific eye appeal.
  • Liquid Products – Stand up pouches, complete with pour spouts or tear-off corners make packaging healthful liquid products easy, in single serving or multi-serving package size. Freshness and convenience are strong selling points.

Let Sun Packaging Show You the Stand Up Pouch Advantage

The organic and heath food industry is super-competitive, but profit potential is strong. If you produce any type of product that targets this market, the packaging experts at Sun Packaging can show you how cost-effective, resealable stand up pouch packaging can give your products the edge you need to compete successfully. Contact us and let us help you create a customized packaging solution for a full range of health specialty products.

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