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Stretch film wrapping is rapidly becoming the standard method used to unitize and stabilize pallet loads of materials and products. It's cost-effective and easy to use, and modern stretch films do an excellent job on both uniform and irregular loads. At Sun Packaging, we are always searching for new ways to keep costs for stretch packaging low and packaging productivity high for our customers.

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Hand Wrapping Remains Popular

For businesses with low volume pallet wrapping requirements, hand wrapping is still a good solution. It's simple, economical, and does the job, although hand wrapping can't take full advantage of the stretchability of today's strong packaging stretch films. At Sun Packaging, we offer a broad range of hand wrapping films. All are pre-stretched for extra strength, and are easy to use, even by new employees. For example:

  • Sigma Classic Blown Film - Best selling, general purpose, hand film for A,B & C Loads make Sigma Classic the simplest solution for hand wrapping
    - Competitively priced with both puncture & tear resistance plus great cling
    - Instantly usable by both experienced and new employees
    - Off-the-shelf availability when reorders are needed
    - Wide range of standard sizes & gauges

    • Sigma ecoSupreme - The new lowest cost eco-friendly solution. pre-stretched for extra strength. engineered to outperform all competitive hand films, regardless of gauge
    - Lightweight rolls packaged 4 rolls per case
    - Reinforced edges provide unrivaled load holding force
    - Superior puncture resistance
    - Core extensions make ecoSUPREME easy to handle

Machine Stretch Film Wrapping Equipment

Using even the most basic pallet wrapping machine can reduce your costs by making the wrapping process more efficient. Or you can step up to a machine with powered pre-stretch and watch your film usage go down and your savings go up. If you have a high volume application, you could benefit from a conveyorized fully automatic system. No matter what your application is, we have the machinery, film and expertise to take the headaches and expense out of wrapping pallets for you. We offer a wide range of Lantech stretch wrapping equipment:

  • Turntable Wrapping Machines – Easy to use, these economical wrapping machines from Lantech incorporate a turntable which rotates as the stretch film is applied from a side column. The pallet is placed on the turntable by a forklift or pallet jack. After wrapping, the pallet is ready for shipment after being removed from the turntable.
  • Overhead Straddle Wrapping Machines – Lantech overhead straddle machines operate with the pallet stationary. An overhead wrapping arm does the work, circling the load and wrapping it. These machines can be used with forklift-loaded pallets or as part of a conveyorized packaging system.
  • Horizontal Wrapping Machines – Lantech's LanRinger stretch wrap machines are designed for heavy loads that require high wrap force. Instead of wrapping the load with the wrapping applied parallel to the pallet, they wrap perpendicular to the pallet. Especially suitable for irregular, heavy loads, they're a specialized system for specialized needs.
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Machine Applied Stretch Films from Sun Packaging

At Sun Systems, we supply a wide range of stretch films for machine wrapping. Each packaging application has unique requirements and no single film can handle every job. We're distributors for stretch films from Sigma, MALPACK, and GaleWrap. Let us help you find exactly the right stretch film for any stretch wrapping application and budget.

Sun Packaging Technologies – South Florida Stretch Film Packaging Experts

In South Florida, from Miami and Hollywood to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm beach, and throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, Sun Packaging is your best choice in stretch film packaging. Our packaging experts can help you find an ideal, cost-effective solution for your pallet wrapping needs, whether you wrap one pallet or dozens of pallets in a typical day. From stretch wrapping equipment to stretch film supplies, contact us for fast, expert advice, equipment, and supplies.

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